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About Kramer Caswell

There are a thousand marketing and advertising agencies in Louisville you can choose from. However, very few offer the insight and experience in digital and online relevancy like myself.

Welcome to my website. My name is Kramer Caswell. I’m an AdTech specialist, graphic designer, and a photographer / videographer in Louisville under my business, Untitled Firm. I understand the challenge one may face when digital marketing in Louisville. I’m ready to work with you and your business to establish a great brand. I can help create value for your company in the following ways:

kramer caswell design


I've worked in graphic design, logo creation and UI design for over five years. My background in web-based branding has become an asset of my clients.

kramer caswell web design

Web Design

For over two years, I have become an expert in web-design. My skillsets carry over into versatile Google and iOS design formats for fluid and clean UI.

SEO kramer


Search Engine Optimization for large scale clients is another tool in my arsenal. I have been able to create incredible backlink strategies & increase web traffic by optimizing for greater page rankings.

digital advertising

Digital Advertising

My skillsets in digital advertising carry over to Facebook targeting campaigns, retargeting, PPC, SEO and more. Learn more about digital advertising with Untitled Firm, my digital company.

drone videography in louisville

Videography & Drone Work

I have worked extensively for over five years with some of the best brands on videography in Louisville, and documentaries and across the nation. Along with this, I offer drone videography in Louisville as well.

kramer caswell photography


Since high school, I've worked as a freelance photographer for publications like Courier-Journal and more. I've had hundreds of photos published, along with a front page for the Kentucky Derby.

Who I've Worked With
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